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Agricola Salentino reminds that the incorrect use of alcohol and abuse of it, may damage the health of individual as well as the safety of community. A responsible use of alcohol, instead, is completely compatible with personal and social life of people.

Drink without being able to control it or drink not at the right moment, place and for wrong reasons means drink irresponsibly. As a consequence, if not correctly used, alcohol may cause serious risks to health and safety of people. It is of a paramount importance to correctly inform people in relation to risks connected to the incorrect use of alcohol. Drink or drive: remind that the amount of 0.5 gr/l is the maximum threshold of alcohol allowed to drive according to the Italian law. Who drive must be aware of it in order not to put his/her life in danger as well as the safety of other people. Alcohol in the blood of people who drink makes time of reaction slower, decreases the vision and prevent the right movement of body.


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