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Puglia, the "Heart of the Mediterranean", a natural bridge to the East and distant cultures, has always been a crossroad of civilizations in their meeting and blending.

It 's a region with an unique charm that combines natural beauty and artistic suggestions to a complex and articulate history. A territory characterized by an infinite variety of colors that dives in the clear blue of the sea, in the blinding white of its beautiful villages, in the shimmering golden fields of wheat and in the wide extensions of century old olive trees. All "seasoned" by a wonderful cuisine that marries the best of the Mediterranean diet with an excellent extra virgin olive oil and a wide range of great and elegant wines.

This is the land we cultivate and devote ourselves to. We want to give you all the flavours of our land in each sip of wine and every drop of our extra virgin olive oil.

Pietregiovani is a project aimed to the development and enhancement of the fruits of Puglia.

Our products, all Made in Puglia, speak about the territory in which they are grown, a beautiful and varied land but at the same time harsh and difficult. The cultivation of olive trees and the vineyards is a job that requires constant care and loving attention.

We are indebted to the environment but aware of the need to respect and protect it. For this reason we apply only agricultural practices that respect the area and its biodiversity. This is why we do not use herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers but only what nature provides.

This is a commitment that we carry out every day with dedication.

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